Things I create,
while I’m creating.
New! Cream Sans

My new Typeface is in progress. Cream Sans melts into crisp and creamy shapes. It is designed as a variable display font. The project is mentored by type designer Ian Party from newglyph ↗ and ZHdK.

Part of Young Jury

I’m excited to expand the Awwwards jury team starting in early 2021. We are experts in digital creation to evaluate and share the work of the best designers and agencies from around the world. Jury certificate ↗

Software skills

My core technical skills are in Creative Cloud, Figma and Glyphs. Tools for creating digital products are evolving so fast that I think curiosity and constant experimentation is important to stay up-to-date. This year AI generated images are very interesting.

Great collaboration

Above the rooftops of Zurich and Bern's main train station, Adnovum will shine anew. We are celebrating the completion of a great rebranding!

UBS Arena
in Belmont Park NY

Think big, paint big! Our logo flawlessly from the screen to the stadium roof. For that, a "big thanks" to the top-notch production team at UBS Arena. You might see something sparkling in the dark as soon as you fly into New York. Watch out for it!

Honors Mention

Thank you for nominating and awarding my website. Every now and then Awwwards serves me as a nice source of inspiration, so I am happy to contribute a part to the collection. Awwwards ↗